klaine hiatus challenge day 1: I love klaine because…
they’re silly, domestic and supportive fiancés.

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Ok, so guys I want to clarify something and ask for help. 

This instagram account is re-blogging fan art without crediting, and tagging Chris and Darren, which is something I DO NOT condone. I don’t agree with art/fic being re-blogged without crediting the artists and a *REALLY* disagree with them tagging actors who have expressed discomfort with RPF fic/art featuring them. 

What really upsets me though is that they’ve linked to my Livejournal in their profile. They linked to a story I thought I’d taken down that I am really uncomfortable with. I’ve deleted it (although I thought I had?? That’s totally my fail), but I want to clarify that THIS IS NOT MY ACCOUNT. I am in NO WAY affiliated with them. Anyone who is following (they have almost 2k folowers), please know that this is NOT MY INSTAGRAM in any way. An artist contacted me thinking this was my account, asking me to delete their art because they weren’t credited and felt that their art was being stolen. Obviously we worked it out when we talked and I clarified that it wasn’t my account. If there are any other artists whose art has been posted, I encourage you to report this account. Honestly I’m going to encourage anyone to do it. 

And that is the end of my angry rant. Please reblog and signal boost this post if you are up for it, because I really want people to know I have nothing to do with this AND I strongly disagree with posting art and not crediting AND tagging the actors, which I honestly find reprehensible and gross. 

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I asked, “So what do you think Blaine wants to happen in season 6?” And he replied, “Blaine wants to get married, like, yesterday.” x

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Naya Rivera Marries Ryan Dorsey

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Meeting the amazing Chris Colfer this evening in Decatur, GA. Was able to give him a book of letters written by my 5th graders and presents for Brian and Cooper. He was as amazing as everyone says he is!

I also opened a voice note in my phone, pressed record, put it in my purse before getting to the table, and have my entire conversation with him recorded. I decided to do this as I knew I’d never remember what he or I said. Worked perfectly! Just a thought for those going to future signings!

Still can’t believe I got to meet him!

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I’d choose you. In a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.
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Darren wants the Warblers to sing at the Klaine wedding… No offence to the warblers but I want the New Directions to sing at the wedding!

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so yes I met darren criss tonight that was cool. he sat at our table and his first comment was about how cool my hair is

we were sat on a table away from EVERYONE and it had steps leading to it and he walked down the steps really jazzy and clicked his fingers and giggled his hips and i was like in my head damn boy you fine

then we just talked and he swears so much and i asked him about his ring and he said

"i got it from kenya and i saw this guy making them and i walked past it every day so i went and had a look and they had my size, so its an african themed ring" and it was hella cute

and as im welsh he said he knew the welsh slang word for hug was cwtch and i was so happy

he hugged us at our table but it was awkward because he didn’t know where to go first so I went “are you gonna go around?” and he went “for that comment you are going fucking last” and i was like bitch didnt even want a hug anyway but then we laughed and i was like *___* baby

and when he made his way around people he came to me and held out his arms and said “come here, gorgeous” so we hugged for super long, and super super tight and he pulled back and yelled “WE JUST CWTCHED THE SHIT OUT OF EACH OTHER”

and thats the story of how i met darren criss

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